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Stuart Potts a squatter in Eccles just outside Manchester set off and aimed fireworks at members of the public and armed forces during the silence for our fallen hero’s.

The squatter fired the fireworks directly at people paying their respects to the fallen as the silence was called.

He shot the fireworks at the crowd from where he squats in a disused public house that is boarded up across the road from the war memorial in Eccles.

 Eye witness Henry Dewsberry told us the Euro weekly News what unfolded – Henry said ” we were into the silence when rockets went “bang” and came firing into the crowd – there was at least 3 or 4 fired, one hit a member of the Army but deflected off to safety I think his thick jacket saved injury ”

” The crowd turned when realising where the rockets had been fired from – hundreds stormed the old pub trying to kick the boarded up doors in and capture the culprit but police were quickly on the scene – smashed through windows and a door in with one of their door knock in things and arrested the man who was in army camouflage clothing” Henry said 

Henry added ” I think if the police hadn’t got there first the baying mob would have killed him quite quickly – it was full on anger and some of the mob were big furious lads ”

” I work in Costa Coffee in the area and I recognised him as Stuart Potts it was defiantly him for sure”

The police have taken the culprit to custody  but yet to confirm any further details.

Footage is now going viral from the scenes – please note foul language warning.