RESULTS: Election Day 10-N Socialist PSOE Slim Win, With Far Right VOX Vast Gains

SOCIALIST prime minister Pedro Sánchez has failed to break the parliamentary deadlock that was stopping him forming a new government. But his opponents on the right are also short of a majority.


PSOE: 120 seats (-3)

PP: 88 seats (+22)

VOX: 52 seats (+28)

PODEMOS: 35 seats (-7)

CUIDADANOS: 10 seats (-47)

The results reflect a pretty good night for the centre-left PSOE; a fairly good one for the centre right PP; a spectacular one for the far-right Vox; a disappointing one for the anti-austerity Podemos and a truly dreadful one for the liberal Citizens.

However, nether left nor the right bloc are anywhere near an absolute majority in the 350-seat parliament.

Socialist PSOE slim win, with far right VOX huge gains

Socialists see a similar result to April, the total collapse of Cuidadanos (down 47 seats), spectacular rise of far-right Vox (up 28); Podemos (down 7) and rise for PP (up 22 seats).

Spain has a democratic problem – the people have outgrown its political system

This latest election is evidence of the existing political institutions’ failure to deal with an electorate that is outgrowing them.

Earlier polls have highlighted that just 16% of Spaniards are in favour of a return to the de facto two-party system that emerged from La Transición. By contrast, 84% believe the parties must deal with the new multiparty system and grow accustomed to reaching agreements.

The next few weeks will be crucial to see if the necessary agreements are made to form a much needed government.


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