Victory for PSOE in Mallorca

Victory for PSOE in Mallorca

VICTORY: Francina Armengol, President of the Balearic Government congratulates the win for PSOE. Credit: PSIB-PSOE.

THE PSOE has triumphed at the 10N elections, obtaining 25.07% of the total votes in Mallorca.
Figures reveal that the PSOE was the most voted party in 24 municipalities, collecting 47,074 votes. The PP followed closely, amassing 22.26% of the total votes (44,834) and regaining dominance in important municipalities such as Felanitx and Bunyola.
Vox garnered 18.25% (33,398 votes), consolidating itself as the third strongest political force in the island, with Podemos-EUIB taking home 33,166 votes (17.65%).
Citizens came in fifth with 7.45%, followed by Més-Esquerra (4.23%), Más País (2.33%) and PACMA (1.34%).
The results of the 10N general elections will mean a stark change for PSOE in Mallorca, with the PP regaining ground as the most voted party in 17 municipalities.
The loss of votes suffered by the PSOE has allowed the PP and Podemos parties to strengthen in towns where the socialists had once dominated. The political scenario left by the polls differs entirely from the results of the April 28 elections where the party gained 26.36% of the total votes.
The PSOE has expressed their satisfaction for having won the electoral vote in the Balearic Islands, with Francina Armengol, President of the Balearic Government and Secretary General stating that the new government “must allow the country to get out of its blockade and solve the problems of the people, in a fight against climate change, violence against women and job insecurity”.
For Armengol, the bad news of the elections was the rise of the extreme right in the Balearic Islands, where she believes that “now more than ever before, we have to make the government stable and considers the needs of citizens in the Balearics”.
Jorge Campos, the leader of Vox in the Balearic Islands, made it clear that the rise in electorates makes his party “a clear choice of government in the regional and municipal elections, where Vox is here to stay”.
According to provisional data released by the Ministry of Interior, the senators for Mallorca will be socialists Cosme Bonet and Sosanna Moll, as well as the popular Maria Salom, who obtained the highest number of votes.

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