Doctors have issued a large warning about vaping after a British teenager nearly died from  massive respiratory failure linked to e-cigarettes.

Ewan Fisher, who turned 19 today, was rushed to Nottingham University Hospitals’ NHS Trust and ended up on life support whilst attempts took place to save his life.

The teenager was though actually under age when he bought vaping equipment from a local shop.

He had been using the device for four to five months before he was taken ill when 16.

Under age Ewan was treated for hypersensitivity pneumonitis – a type of allergic reaction to something breathed in which results in inflammation of the lung tissue.

Doctors, writing in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, wrote ” the previously well young person presented with a catastrophic respiratory illness put his life in danger through vaping”

Dr Jayesh Mahendra Bhatt, who treated Mr Fisher and saved his life said “The evidence we gathered showed that it was vaping that was to blame. I know at least one colleague who has seen a similar case.”

Although the under age teenager told medics “he had recently started to use e-cigarettes fairly frequently, using two different liquids, purchased over the counter”.

The listed ingredients for both vaping liquids were the same apart from the unnamed flavourings.

Mr Fisher told doctors he had smoked cannabis a year previously but not recently and also standard cigarettes before moving onto the vape machine.