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 Gravel voiced rock star Sir Rod Stewart has said it would be “a shame” if Scotland became independent when asked about the UK’s political situation.

Although the singer also said he would support Scotland leaving the union “if it was good” for the country.

Rocking Rod was on the radio talking to BBC’s The Nine programme which also is aired across the Internet , Knighted  Rod also said he believes Boris Johnson “will sort it out”, when questioned about Brexit.

He said across the air waves “I’m somewhat of a traditionalist. It would be a shame to see the British isles break up, it would be a shame to see that blue off the Union Jack.

“But if it’s good for Scotland then I’m happy.”

Scottish supporting Stewart ( actually born in North London) previously spoke out against the idea of Scottish independence ahead of the 2014 referendum.

When he was asked for his thoughts about the current political climate, he said “We’re in a muddle, but I think Boris will sort it out. We have to be patient. What I do know is that I was always a remainer. I didn’t see why we had to leave. Maybe it’s something that I’m missing, I don’t know, but I’m still a remainer”

In his dulcet tones Sir Rod went on to say “”I know Boris is going to get us out. It’s a once in a lifetime, this election -I don’t know what the outcome is going to be, I really don’t.”

We at the Euro Weekly News decided to go to a Scottish bar in Torreblanca to ask for opinions on Sir Rod’s thoughts.

Firstly we spoke to Karl Smallish originally from Glasgow who said ” Rod’s off his rocker – we want independence and we want to stay in the EU too”

It seemed the same opinion for the majority of the bar as Willie Carlman snarled ” What the hell does a wee singer know about politics – he doesn’t even live in Scotland! ”

It seem’s Sir Rods radio comments have gone down well with many!