Mr Johnson tells CBI he won't cut corporation tax further

Police in Hong Kong have used tear gas to drive back dozens of protesters trying to leave a university campus.

The students have been holding siege at the campus for several days and even went as far as lighting the entrance of the campus on fire to stop police entering the building.

The protesting students fired arrows and catapulted petrol bombs at police who deployed tear gas and water cannon before entering the university in the early hours of this morning whilst we slept in Spain.

Entrance of Campus Set On Fire

Police had earlier warned the students they would deploy live bullets if protesters remained inside the campus and refused to leave.

 After reassurances from the university’s president who said police had agreed to suspend the use of force student protesters started to leave the building.

As protesters took the word of the president they started to depart – as they did the HK police fired rounds of tear case at the departing protesters forcing them back into the building they had been requested to depart.

 The police had given a deadline to protesters through megaphone announcements. They said, ‘If you are not out of here by 10pm we’re going to come in and we’re going to get you’.

Currently the whole place is on lockdown. Protesters aren’t allowed out and no one is allowed in.

This latest saga in Hong Kong is surely going to rumble on throughout the day as the stand off continues.