Alex Salmond Former First Minister Says He’s Innocent As Charges Stack Up And Allegations Revealed

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Scotland’s former first minister Alex Salmond has appeared in court as we reported in the Euro Weekly News here in Spain and was charged with 14 counts of sexual assault against 10 women, including an attempted rape inside his official residence.

In court more details emerged to the charges.

It is alleged that in the summer of 2014 he pinned a woman’s head against a wall inside Bute House, then laid naked on top of her and attempted to rape her.

As well as the above charge – Salmond faces a charge of sexual assault with intent to rape, a further 10 charges of sexual assault and two of indecent assault.

Salmond, 64, has strongly denied all the allegations he faces.

It’s alleged that the assaults took place in a number of locations, including Bute House, the Scottish Parliament and Stirling Castle. They are alleged to have taken place between June 2008 and November 2014.

The attempted rape charges alleges that, inside Bute House, Salmond repeatedly kissed a woman on the face and neck, pinned her head against a wall, removed her clothing and underwear, pushed her onto a bed, knelt over her, pinned her to the bed by the shoulder, lay naked on top of her and attempted to rape her.