Alleged jihadist arrested in holiday hot spot Tenerife in Spain’s Canary Islands

Alleged jihadist arrested in Tenerife

Guardia Civil have arrested an alleged jihadist in Spain’s holiday hot spot Tenerife in the Canaries. He is accused of calling Muslims to armed struggle.

The man from Nouadhihou in Mauritania is accused of terrorist propagation and indoctrination, and was arrested by police in conjunction with Europol.

Police said he consumed mass propaganda from several terrorist groups, including Islamic State, and internalised “the most violent postulates of these groups, justifying and praising their attacks against non-believers, for which the West is held responsible.”

The alleged jihadist used WhatsApp and Telegram to share propaganda videos made by producers associated with the Islamic State.

As reported by the Armed Institute today, the images were of violent executions, techniques for the execution of attacks and murders, and detailed manuals for the manufacture of explosive devices. 

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Shirin Aguiar