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The White House has put serious pressures on Britain and other European allies to deal with hundreds of detained IS militants.

The national security adviser Sir Mark Sedwill has said British Islamic State detainees will be brought back from Syria if they can be prosecuted in England and there is no better place to try their case, either In England or other countries within the UK although the majority of trials who likely to be listed at the Old Bailey London England.

The comments of Sir Sedwill are the clearest sign yet that capturedIS fighters, held by Kurdish-led forces in detention camps, could be repatriated back to the UK and tried by British court of law.

The comments came in Bahrain as he attended an international conference. Sir Mark said “We want those who are captured dealt with through the justice system and they have to be dealt with through the justice system in the most appropriate place possible.

“If we can bring them back to the UK and put them through our criminal justice system and deal with them appropriately, we will. If it is better done elsewhere, then we will work with allies to do that.

“Many of the crimes that these individuals have committed have been committed for example against our allies and partners in Iraq and it may well therefore be appropriate for them to be dealt with there.

“But they will be dealt with and they will be dealt with in the most appropriate place possible.”