English News From The Euro Weekly News The Leading Free Newspaper In Spain

The Euro Weekly News is the largest free newspaper in Spain for ex pats from all over Europe.

Whilst the Euro Weekly News is published for its majority of readers in the English language – it also has a large readership from other English language understanding nationals from all over Europe who have decided to reside in Spain.

With both a weekly newspaper printed covering 6 areas in total the main distribution is delivered out in paper format on each Thursday across both the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol regions the Euro Weekly News also hosts a website www.euroweeklynews.com that feeds all the latest news from the UK, Spain and other regions of the world on a daily basis.

On average the Euro Weekly News website posts 60 articles a day of all the latest and up to date news keeping its readers informed of daily news events.

Over 500,000 copies of the Euro Weekly News newspaper are delivered each month across Spain, filled with informative articles of local and national news all in the English language.

The newspaper covers also all the latest English news so that ex pat readers can be informed of events from home in England, Scotland and Wales.

If you are looking for the latest English news whilst residing in Spain you can pick up a copy of the English language newspaper in hundreds of distribution points of many different variations. Look out for the designated Euro Weekly News baskets that hold the paper until the copies are collected by the English news seeker.

Copies of the newspaper on a Thursday are collected quickly by the ex pat English community all across the coast of Spain so it is advised to go to a collection point on a Thursday as not to miss out on all the latest English news.