Man arrested for alleged involvement in hostel robberies in Málaga

The robber would take cash, laptops and electronic devices.

Man arrested in Málaga for robbing tourists in hostels where he would stay as a guest. Police have arrested a 24-year-old man with Moroccan nationality as the alleged author of five robberies committed in hostels in the centre of Málaga.

According to National Police, investigations have solved four robberies and one theft that occurred between October 24 and November 13 in different establishments.

Police began the investigation when a tourist filed a complaint after a laptop valued at €1,800 was stolen. A week later, another tourist reported a laptop, a camera and a hard drive stolen from their hostel room. At the same time, another guest also reported a stolen laptop.

Police noted the events followed an identical modus operandi, in which foreign tourists staying in shared accommodations had money and electronic equipment stolen. The thief would take advantage of the moments when he was left alone in a shared room or when guests left their private rooms. After breaking in to wardrobes or lockers and seizing any valuable personal belongings, the man would leave the establishment without staying the night.

The man was arrested in Marbella and according to investigations, he would visit Spain as a tourist to commit his alleged crimes and then return to his country of origin.