Survey reveals 83% of women are afraid to return home at night in Spain

A RECENT survey has indicated that a high percentage of women are afraid to return home at night.

This study was carried out by a new initiative named ‘Sister’, founded by Wave Location Technologies (WLT), which conducted online surveys with 35,014 women in Spain about their experiences of returning home at night.

Asked about the precaution methods that they use when walking alone at night, 78% of women chose to send messages to their friends or partners about their route home, whilst 33% chose to share their location with trusted contacts, such as friends or their partners. The study also revealed that 83% of the women surveyed feel the most fear when walking alone at night.

The ‘Sister’ application has been developed to reduce women’s insecurity so that they can walk alone on the street without fear at any time of the day. The application allows users to share their location with trusted contacts on a private map and activates an alarm that contacts the emergency services with ‘just one click.’

Blanca Cisneros, the Head of Business Development at WLT, stressed that ‘Sister’ “is a response to social problems which affects women on a daily basis”, adding “that the design of the app has taken into account the concerns and experiences of the women who took part in the survey.”

The application, which has been designed by a group of women, is available download for free on iOS and Android devices and has implemented features such as GPS maps that show the safest route home, the location of nearby police stations and a private map system which can be sent to friends or relatives by SMS or WhatsApp.

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Isha Sesay