Nightmare for drivers on Costa del Sol as waiting lists for Spanish MOT get longer

ORDEAL: Drivers have to wait up to eight hours for the ITV

Long queues are forming at dawn as drivers wait up to eight hours to pass the ITV, equivalent to the British MOT. The situation arose in October when the Junta de Andalucía didn’t authorise hiring for temporary personnel. Around 400 jobs weren’t renewed all over Andalucía, leaving the work force of 1,300 people under serious strain.

The situation is causing long lines of vehicles to form in the early hours of the morning. Some people have to wait up to 8 hours, tuning an everyday activity into a lengthy nightmare. The initial cause is a Law that is readjusting the public sector in Andalucía, causing hiring to be frozen. The setback has resulted in a grave staff deficit and personnel has only seen a 50 per cent replacement rate in recent years, which decreases the quality of public services.

The opening of new ITV establishments such as El Viso in Málaga and an extension of opening hours, are all measures that are thwarted as staff isn’t provided to then run the service.

However, protests by workers have proved effective and hiring is starting up again, although the protests have caused waiting lists to now be around two months.

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