Costa Blanca News: €110,000 investment swept away by storms

DISASTER: The waves hit against the seafront houses

DISASTER strikes in Dénia as €110,000 worth of beach works go to waste after strong storms. The beach regenerations that were carried out on the north coast of Dénia haven’t lasted more than two days.
All the sand that was poured and moved was completely swept away by the heavy rain, taking the big €110,000 investment along with it. The area of Blay Beach in Les Marines was the stretch of the Deveses coast that suffered the most damaging erosion.
The two stretches of beach where the sand had been poured are precisely the areas that are usually the most affected by stormy weather. In both beaches, storms cause the complete loss of sand and the waves then begin to hit against the seafront houses.
Last week, the news of the decision to deposit sand on the beaches was received with surprise and confusion, especially during a season where sand doesn’t last long. Residents were suspicious that the costly operation wasn’t paralysed when weather forecasts predicted the storm. 
On Santa Anna beach in Les Deveses, the regeneration project cost €65,000. A lot of Pego residents own a second home in the area and historically the sand is dragged away, leaving the houses unprotected against the waves.
The sand deposited in Blay Beach has also been swallowed up by the sea, meaning a further €45,000 have been wasted. After the storm, there is no trace of the retaining walls that were erected to protect the section of coast.