Costa Blanca News: Robbers are caught red handed in Alicante

IN FLAGRANTI: The robbers were stopped by police

Police have arrested five people in Alicante in Costa Blanca after they were caught in the act as they separately robbed two establishments in the city. National Police were called and informed of a robbery that was taking place in a coffee shop in the city centre, after witnesses saw three thieves break in through the shop window and begin taking objects from the inside.
The Police arrived moments later and positioned themselves creating a security barrier. The alleged perpetrators tried to flee, leaving their loot scattered all over the floor, but an officer intercepted them. Among the stolen goods, officers recovered a mobile phone that had been stolen in a pub a while before the robbery.
Another call raised the alarm when a bar in the southern area of the city was also being robbed. Officers arrived and stopped a woman who was running away as she removed a pair of gloves and another person was found hidden inside the establishment. The two detainees were wearing gloves and carrying tools they had used to gain access to the bar.