Shoot to kill?

JUST scribing this in the aftermath of the latest London terror atrocity. At least this particular toe rag complied with the specific criteria required to be classed as a terrorist. These days the authorities are actually petrified to label acts of violence ‘terrorist attacks,’ in case of ‘backlash’ or causing ‘offence.’

Well they couldn’t wriggle out of this one. This individual had already been jailed for terrorist offences, wore a suicide vest and screamed Allah Akbar as he slashed people to death. Yep, bit difficult to call that ‘a random non terrorist linked incident.’

Oddly I was going to write that it probably wouldn’t be long before the snowflakes began to crawl out bleating that he shouldn’t have been shot. Lo and behold the first to pop up was Corbyn. This man, who has no shame at all in his quest to appease just about anyone whose votes may help his party, immediately released a statement condemning the ‘shoot to kill’ policy.

Oh really? Perhaps they should have ‘shot to injure,’ thereby giving this animal time to set off his suicide vest (the fact that it was fake is irrelevant) to injure and murder a few dozen more innocent victims. Give us a break. Shooting to kill is actually too good for these sub humans.

What I found even more disturbing was the fact that the other members of the Al Qaeda cell incarcerated with this individual have also been released! Have we totally lost our senses? Are the authorities truly naïve enough to think these people have actually been deradicalised by what to them must appear to be a mere slap on the wrist? These are religious fanatics who are convinced they will reach Shangri-La by killing as many ‘infidels’ as they can.

These monsters are not going to have their minds changed by a few years in a cushy lock up, being ‘interviewed’ by psychiatrists and do gooders while they dine on halal repasts. Their fellow Jihadists torture, behead and burn their prisoners alive.

They don’t understand decency or ‘fair play,’ they interpret this as weakness. Watch my lips. They hate us. They want to wipe us all out. They are our enemy in a war that, if we don’t come to our senses, they have a very good chance of winning.

All of them should be either deported along with their whole families, or locked up and have the key thrown away. As for our pathetic, utterly out of touch parole boards, although they claim to have had nothing to do with this fanatic’s release, they still have plenty to answer for. Most are made up of tin pot magistrates or tweedy local council members.

These prisoners eat them alive. They have hours and hours banged up in cells, rehearsing the lines they’re going to give these naïve egotists when their hearings come up. Relying on these overpaid incompetents to decide whether to allow fanatical homicidal maniacs back onto the streets is bordering on pure insanity. For heaven’s sake get a grip before we all go under.

Keep our faith, Love Leapy
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Leapy Lee

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