Costa del Sol News: Man arrested in Malaga after locking himself in the garage he planned to rob

TRAPPED: The robber was arrested in Malaga centre

A young man was arrested in Malaga in the Costa del Sol after he got trapped in the garage he had planned to rob. The 18-year-old was detained by Local Police after being locked in a shared car park that he had entered with alleged criminal intentions.

According to police sources, the incident occurred in the Dos Aceras area in Malaga centre. Two concerned residents called the police when they realised a man was trying to force the garage door open from the inside.

Officers arrived at the private car park at around 4:15am after an alerting call came from a couple staying at a nearby hotel. The witnesses saw the man through a ventilation grill and even recorded him on one of their mobile phones.

When police asked the man his reason for being in the garage, he replied that he would usually slip in and spend the night there. However, officers verified that the garage lock had been broken and that several vehicles had been forced, with personal belongings scattered on the floor.

The 18-year-old of Moroccan nationality was arrested and police also reported him for possession of drugs after they found 12 grams of marijuana and pills on him.