Prison Officer Who Was Best Man At Wedding Beats Up The Bride And Drags Her Down Flight Of Stairs Found Guilty

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A best man at a wedding launched into an alcohol fuelled attack on his brother’s new wife, and her mother and sisters at the wedding reception.

Tomos Rhydian Wilson, 29, slung punches at his brother’s bride Erin Mason-George, a teacher, and even went as far as grabbing her by her wedding dress then dragging her down a set of stairs, the court heard in the UK.

So called best man Wilson Wilson screamed in drunken outrage that his brother Steffan should never have married her the court further heard.

During the vicious attack on July 27, Wilson, from Swansea in Wales, took to the punishing violent attack when family members tried to get his brother Steffan to go to bed as he was also drunk.

As family members tried to help Steffan upstairs, Wilson started slinging the abuse at the Mason-George family.

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He dreamed  his brother should never have married Ms Mason-George and that his brother was “no longer a Wilson”.

Ms Mason-George told the court that things escalated when Wilson started  to throw punches at her.

Best man Wilson – grabbed her wedding dress and dragged her by it down a full flight of stairs.

District Judge Gwyn Jones found Wilson, who was  a prison officer at the time of the attack, guilty of the five charges of assault as well as two charges of criminal damage.

The attack took place at the Lampeter’s Falcondale Hotel, Wales where Wilson also caused  criminal damage as well as attacking the hotel manager.

District Judge Jones said while none of the Mason-George family suffered long-lasting injuries, the “thoughts and bad memories of what should have been a happy event will be there for some time”.

Wilson was made subject to a community order for 12-months and will have to carry out 240 hours of unpaid work.

He was also ordered by the court to pay compensation of £250 each to Erin and Cally Mason-George, as well as £100 each to Dion and Linda Mason-George and Mr Jones.

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