I wouldn’t even if i could

Alex Forsyth referred to Boris Johnson winning the majority 'he so deserves' on a live broadcast. Credit: PA

SO when you read this, people in the UK will be voting in a general election, presuming, of course, you are reading it on Thursday. I don’t vote in the UK and even if I could I wouldn’t.

That’s because it doesn’t matter to me which one of the lying toe rags gets in as every one of them will promise this, that and the other then find a reason not to carry out whatever it was that tempted you to vote for them.

Johnson can’t answer a straight question or just lies. Corbyn gets asked if he watches the Queen’s speech – says yes, he watches it in the morning. The interviewer then points out it’s on in the afternoon! So he lied and lied over the silliest thing. Who cares if he watches? Just say no – now he’s made an idiot of himself again.

All the parties promise all sorts, none of which they could carry out. Remember the Lib Dems promise to get rid of student loans? And the minute they did a deal with the Tories they just let it go.

Most politicians won’t even go on TV and debate and if they do they cherry pick the interviewers so they don’t get anyone who will give them a hard time. Anyway, good luck to all the people in the UK – whoever gets in you will need it!

Marks and Spencer have decided that their changing rooms are now going to be mixed gender. What do you think about that? I know what I think. IT’S A STUPID DECISION for so many reasons. There are two sexes – male and female. Of course, there are apparently many genders and, as I’ve said before, good luck to everyone.

But you have to have some guidelines to protect the innocent from the few that want to take advantage of children and others. You just can’t have blokes walking in on young girls or women in changing rooms.

Marks and Spencer have faced criticism over its new policy allowing Trans people into the fitting room they ‘feel most comfortable’ in. It’s time to stop all this. Minorities cannot dictate how majorities wish to conduct their lives. Simple.

I was pleased to see that Spain has changed the law regarding electric scooters. They can no longer be used on pavements. Riders caught doing so will be fined up to €500 by Spanish police. I wrote about this over a year ago. Remember?

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