Can he repeat 90-day stay?

Question - EWNCould you clarify for me how soon after the end of one 90-day tourist stay, I can recommence another?

I know that I must not exceed the total 183-day limit over the financial year without becoming tax resident. 

But, can I, for example, spend 80 days continuously in Spain, then go back to UK for a month, and then return again to Spain to spend another 80 days whilst managing total days over the year to be within the non-residency limit of 183 days?  What flexibility is there for distributing the 183 days?

G E (Costa Blanca)


Answer - EWNLet’s keep it simple.  Spanish law says you can stay in Spain as a tourist for 90 days in a calendar year. The 90 days need not be continuous.

They can be three stays of 30 days each, for example. The same goes for the limit of 183 days. The ‘calendar year’ provision means you could arrive in Spain in early October, stay for three months, then return to the UK over Christmas, and come back to Spain in January of the next year to start a new 90-day tourist stay.

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