Beauty Tips: How to achieve efficient winter skincare

EFFECTIVE: Beauty experts recommend following a skincare routine

Winter brings the festive season and cosy evenings by the fire, but it can also wreak havoc on our skin. The cold weather and heating takes its toll on our body’s biggest organ. And as the wind and low humidity cause dryness, everybody whips out the lotions and potions.

But having the ingredients for a good skin care routine sometimes isn’t enough. Once you have the products that are suited to you skin type, its time to consider the correct order to apply them. Beauty experts have spoken, and they have assured that the order of application really is important.

Certified dermatologists generally work by the “thinner to thicker” rule. Following this application method, product should be applied in order of textures and thickness, starting with the lightest product. In this way, the thinner serums will be able to penetrate the skin and get results.

Another approach to take into consideration is the time of application. In the morning, it’s beneficial to layer products that prevent damage and protect the skin from the sun and pollution. A typical morning routine should start with cleansing -if necessary-, followed by serum, moisturiser and SPF. Protection against the sun should be applied last and can be topped with a foundation that also incorporates SPF. It’s important to remember that even during winter, sun protection is important and will also brighten skin.

A night-time skincare routine should start with cleansing to remove makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day. If the makeup was especially heavy, a double cleanse is recommended as sleeping without completely removing makeup can prevent the skin from fully repairing.

With a clean base, toner and serum can then be applied. At night, a richer moisturiser or oil can be used to provide deep hydration overnight. It’s important to note that a well-formulated moisturiser only requires a pea-sized amount to cover the whole face.

The first step to building a routine is getting to know your skin and it’s important to keep in mind what actually works for your individual needs. The essential steps are to keep skin clean, not over-exfoliate and the daily use of SPF.

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