Slaughtered and decapitated animals found hung to trees in Spain’s Mallorca

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Remains of sheep and hens hanging from a tree at a farm in Mallorca. Credit: UH.

A RESIDENT has made a shocking discovery at a farm in Mallorca, Spain, finding several animals slaughtered and tied to trees.

Some of the animals, which included sheep, chickens and lambs, had been quartered, decapitated and had their guts removed, in what the police believe may have been carried out as part of a sadistic satanic ritual.

The horrific find was called in by a homeowner in Santa Eugènia this morning (December 24), where officers from the Guardia Civil and Local Police then moved to the scene. Upon an inspection of the farm they found 5 decapitated hens, a gutted sheep tied to a tree, with several lambs also being massacred close to a box labelled with animal sacrifice markings.

The police are now appealing for information on the deaths of the defenceless animals, with experts suggesting that the shocking cruelty was part of a black magic spell used in witchcraft.

For centuries, animals have been used in witchcraft, being revered and worshiped as spirits of nature. Common rituals involve using their body parts to communicate with spirits or make an offering to deities.

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