UK set for hottest New Year in 178 years as heatwave brings higher temperatures than parts of Spain

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THE UK is set for its warmest New Year’s Eve in 178 years as a vast tropical plume is expected to bring temperatures to balmy heights.

The Met Office has forecasted that temperatures could reach highs of around 16C up to and including New Year’s Eve on Tuesday, a steady increase from the 7 to 9C average at this time of year in England and Wales.

In fact, it will be the UK’s warmest December 31 since the temperatures were recorded in 1841 where the record was set at 15.6C in Great Yarmouth way back in 1910.

Highs will also be close to December’s overall record temperatures of 17.7C in England set in 1985 and the UK’s 18.3C, set in Scotland in 1948. Wales and Scotland will also enjoy the warmest temperatures which will rise to 16C, a sharp 9C above the average high, with London basking in 11C, which is still well above the average. Commenting on the news, forecaster Simon Partridge said:

“A tropical maritime air mass from the Azores is good news for New Year’s Eve, with very mild 15-16C highs up to and including Tuesday. 

“Conditions look pretty decent for fireworks, with light winds, and New Year’s Day looks mild at 13C.”

In the paradisiacal island of Corfu, Greece, the predicted highs are just 12C while many regions in Spain will enjoy an average of 12-14C over the next few days.

The forecast will be particularly welcomed by homeowners in the UK, as flash flood warnings were recently issued across the country causing misery for many, with experts warning last week that 2020 could be the wettest year in history.

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