30 Days To Go As Britain Leaves The EU As Expats In Spain Start To Fear The Worst Of Their Spanish Lifestyle

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Spain has enjoyed over 800,000 British nationals residing in it’s Country as well as millions of holiday makers coming to Spain each year but now with less than 30 days to go with UK prime minister clearly stating the country will leave the EU on the 31st of January no matter what, whether it be with a deal or hard Brexit fear is starting to strike home to many expats in Spain as we enter 2020.

Having bought property in Spain or simply renting, expats in Spain have been following the situation closely for 4 years now since the vote that saw a shock result requesting Britain to leave the EU.

Resident expats in Spain were not allowed to vote, but prayed and hoped common sense would prevail in their home nation but as we know results went against them as the country voted out by a slim majority leaving expats in despair.

Over the last 4 years there since have been many political wrangling’s too and forth over the situation with many residents cocking a deaf ear as the situations changed and quite frankly became boring whilst the British Government attempted to sort out their own issues but now with 30 days to go, panic is starting to set in as no clear indications have come to fruition.

Spain themselves who create vast income from the expat communities as well as the influx of yearly tourism from Britain are also still concerned as clarity is unclear to how it will affect business.

Terry Roiser who has lived in Marbella for 14 years is one of those concerned as he told the Euro Weekly News today ” It’s still as clear as mud with only 30 days to go, to be honest I thought it would have sorted itself out by now – but it hasn’t and that’s raising fears for me but also many of my pals here living on the Costa del Sol, we are of course registered residents, but is that going to be enough? We’ve followed everything in the press from changing driving licenses to ensuring our residency is up to date but I’m starting to worry now, my pension comes from England to which I spend here in Spain, but will that change? I haven’t got a clue in regards my future health care, yes I watch the news but there’s still no clear directive from any one”

Meanwhile Manuel Perez a Spanish bar owner In Fuengirola said ” My trade and business relies on the British, they fill my bar each night but with only 30 days to go now my concern is will business dry up for me? my current batch of clients are all taking about it now where as before they didn’t seem that concerned”

Barry Simpson’s blame laid at the door of the British Ambassadors to Spain ” What a bunch of wet fish wallies they have been, they come out with all these unclear statements in the media that don’t really mean anything, or you can’t understand, it should have all been clearly sorted out by now with a clear directive sheet explaining to do and what no to do… they say don’t panic but with 30 days left we are still like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed sh^t ” he said.

” Boris Johnson is a bloody joke – he doesn’t give a rats ass about us over here, he’s only interested in himself ” he furthered.

Whilst political speak has been broadcast for nearly 4 years now it seems both expats and Spanish businesses relying on British tourists and residents still don’t know where they exactly stand as they wait the next crucial 30 days to the Brexit deadline.



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George Stephens


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