Fears of WWIII grow after Donald Trump airstrike kills Iran general: British Ex-Pats and Spanish Nationals all scared of IRAN reprisals

WORLD WAR III-Over the scale tweets were recorded

Google, the biggest search engine in the world today saw an “Unprecedented Rise” in the search term “World War III” so far now over 750,000 and counting!

Twitter also issued a Global Tweet Figures and clocked up a staggering 1.6 Million tweets on the request. I decided after this to “talk to the people on the street” and get their views and concerns about what could be the “APOCALYPSE” that has been talked about for years, is it finally happening?

The Miramar Centre in Fuengirola, Mijas Costa is one of the area’s largest shopping centres that attracts a wide section of visitors, Local Spanish, Ex-Pats, Germans, French, Italian, basically a cross section of the whole world! So what better place to just walk up to someone and ask:

 “The IRAN conflict-will it affect us here in Spain and what do you think is going to happen”?

The first group of people I stopped were a Spanish family of five on holiday from Madrid, they came down to spend Xmas with the husbands parents and I heard them chatting away in Spanish about what gifts they are going to buy and how cheaper it was here than in Madrid so I thought, here we go…

TM: hola cómo estás, before I could finish my greeting, the wife, Angela pipped in, “Its ok, we speak English, Merry Christmas, can I help you”?

TM: oh thank you and same to you and your Family, I wanted to ask you your views on the IRAN crisis.

Angela: Oh my god, it’s bad, very bad. My husband, Carlos is on the internet all the time trying to find out the latest news, we are all worried.

TM: Do you think it affects us in here in Spain, what do you think is going to happen?

Carlos: Tim, everyone around the world will be affected, my brother-in-law is a member of the Spanish Nato Force, he is a soldier and I’m scared for his safety. As far as Spain is concerned, well no-one is safe anymore, remember we are from Madrid, Angela is from Barcelona, we have all suffered terrorist atrocities in the past. It is not a good way to enter the New Year and I think Trump, well he is going to be kicked anyway, so he doesn’t care!

Angela: My friends is Madrid all agree, it’s a nightmare and its coming true! Sorry we have to go and shop now. Goodbye!

The next couple I interviewed were a lovely Elderly English Couple from Coin, down here visiting the grand kids who run a Bar in Benelmadena, John, and Sue Davies.

TM: hello, thanks for taking the time to talk to me, could I ask your views on the IRAN crisis and what you think the outcome will be?

John: Tim, I’ve been here for about 30 years and I can tell you it’s the first time I can say im really glad we came to live here. It’s been on the cards for ages, a War, but we never thought it would actually kick off. Generally it’s the US and UK who suffer the most casualties and reprisals isn’t it, the UK are like lapdogs to the Americans aren’t they but this time it’s different.”

TM: Why is this time any different John?

John: Because this time they Bombed IRAQ, killed an Iraqi General AND an Iranian one, the Russians have deeply condemned it, maybe as well due to the harsh sanctions America put in place, the escalation is not stopping. I’m just glad we are here instead of the UK, Happy New Year mate”!

So there you have it readers, direct feedback from the public, there were more off course but those selected represented our readership, Angela even commenting that Carlos often checks into the EWN to see what’s happening down on the Costa as his parents live here. More to follow on this I’m sure.


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Deirdre Tynan is an award-winning journalist who enjoys bringing the best in news reporting to Spain’s largest English-language newspaper, Euro Weekly News. She has previously worked at The Mirror, Ireland on Sunday and for news agencies, media outlets and international organisations in America, Europe and Asia. A huge fan of British politics and newspapers, Deirdre is equally fascinated by the political scene in Madrid and Sevilla.


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