Driver Jailed For Racing At Over 70 MPH On Country Road And Hitting Bike Rider Head On

Dashcam footage caught the moment a motorcyclist was hit head-on by a car travelling at 70mph, hurling the rider through the air.

 The driver of the Subaru vehicle involved has been jailed.

The man on the bike, has suffered life-changing injuries, said the safety equipment he was wearing at the time of the accident saved his life.

Footage taken from three cameras on two vehicles was played to the court which included the the front and rear of the Subaru, showed the car travelling around a blind left-hand bend and veering on to the wrong side of the road due to its high speed.

The bike rider, can then be seen braking before the head-on crash launches him and flies him several feet up through the air.

He landed on the ground many metres from his wrecked bike following the crash, a few miles west of Sheffield.

The experienced rider, from Barnsley, who was 35 at the time suffered a broken back, a broken sternum and a broken wrist in the crash, a police spokesman said.