Spain’s Royal residence to get a €6 million renovation in Marbella

THE Town Hall in Marbella Spain has approved a €6 million expansion project presented by the royal house of Abu Dhabi. The building work will take place in the official Spanish residences for the Middle Eastern royals. 

The estate is located on grounds that are known in the municipality as ‘El Batatal’. But far from housing a humble sweet potato plantation, the land hosts a string of luxurious palaces. Over the summer months, the royal family from Abu Dhabi flees the blustering heat of the United Arab Emirates and calls the Costa del Sol their home.

However, the lavish residences in Spain will be undergoing costly renovation works. The complex has presented a building project valued at €6 million, which was approved at the end of December by the local government in Marbella.

Specifically, the project looks to move the main building to the west within the plot and replace a section of pipe belonging to Marbella’s water supply, possibly impacting public interests.