Billionaire Jeff Bezos Donates 5 Minutes Worth of Earnings to Australia Aid

Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos has been criticised for donating $690,000 to help Australias Bushfire victims. 

Despite Bezos donating the large sum, people feel that he could have been more generous. It works out that his pledge of $690,000 is only 0.00059% of his total wealth – which sits at a hefty $113 Billion. In fact, reports claim that he would make the fee back in around 5 minutes. 

He said “Our hearts go out to all Australians” in a post on Instagram announcing the donation to the crisis that has left 27 dead and devastated the country’s wildlife.

He continued, “Amazon is donating 1 million AU dollars in needed provisions and services. Find more about it and learn how customers can help as well.”

The average Brit earns £28k a year. If they were to donate the equivalent percentage as Bezos, it would arrive at a mere 16p. 

Numerous millionaire celebrities have parted way with their cash for Australia, with many surpassing Bezos’ donation. Actor Lepndaro DiCaprio parted ways with a cool $3M. Meanwhile, British icon Elton John donated $1M. Both examples have much smaller net worths in comparison to the Amazon man – DiCaprio at $260M and Elton John at $320M. 

Twitter uses have reacted, with one saying “Jeff Bezos has personally made about $690m since Thursday evening – he’s essentially donating a holiday weekend to one of the worst environmental crises of our time.” 

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