Boris’ Big Ben Brexit Bong Crowdfunder Fails Pathetically

The Prime Minister recently pleaded to the people of Britain to raise funds, hoping to ring Big Ben when the exit from the EU is completed. 

The House of Commons Commission felt they couldn’t justify splashing £500k of taxpayers money, on a Big Ben chime. So, Boris decided to seek aid from the nation.

22 crowdfunding sites were created on GoFundMe, with 19 receiving no donations. The highest fee reached on one site was £215. It appears the nation won’t justify paying for it either, Boris. 

With Big Ben on hiatus due to reconstruction of the Elizabeth Tower, the bells have not been rung since 2017 – for the safety of workers. Despite this, several avid Brexiteers have called for the reconstruction to be paused, allowing the bells to be rung upon sealing Brexit. 

Reflecting on Monday’s meeting House of Commons Commission chairman and Common Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said they believed “it is important to weigh up costs.”

He continued, “We also have to bear in mind that the only people who will hear it will be those who live near or are visiting Westminster.” 

After Boris’ comments, his spokesman insisted Brexit day would be ‘properly marked’ but said there was ‘not a specific Government fund.’

Meanwhile, Brexit Party MEP, Nigel Farage, has stated his opinion that “our country looks like a joke” if Big Ben does not strike at 11pm on January 31. He’s also claimed that numerous organisations alongside the government are attempting to ‘frustrate’ Brexit celebrations. 

In addition, Farage told LBC: “Boris got elected on a massive majority on the basis of Get Brexit Done and he can’t even bring himself as Prime Minister to say they are going to fund this to show the world we are organised and we are ready.”

Time will tell if Big Ben will Brexit Bong. At this stage it seems unlikely. 



(Images: Twitter)

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Written by

George Day