AXARQUIA NEWS: Local hospitals aim to generate their own renewable energy

CREDIT: Shutterstock

MANAGEMENT for the Malaga-Axarquia health services received members of the European project ‘Improvement’. The visit represented a step forward for the Hospital de la Axarquia, that aims to become a zero-energy building.
The European project intends to deploy a new generation of micro-networks, that will guarantee the integration of renewable energy in public buildings. This will allow hospitals to create their own renewable energy on site and have a net energy consumption.
Members of the Improvement project took the opportunity to see first hand the different facilities within the Hospital de la Axarquia. Solutions including awnings, efficient windows, insulation, underfloor heating and advanced energy management will be essential to complete the proposed goal.
A continuous and quality supply of electricity is an important aspect in a building where high-tech equipment is predominant and energy consumption is high. The project has a budget of €2.5 million and will find adequate solutions over the course of 36 months.