Chef with Down Syndrome steals the show on Spanish television

DETERMINED: Alejandro accomplished his goal to cook for Dani Garcia

A chef with Down Syndrome from Torre del Mar was left stunned after he got the opportunity of a lifetime. The young man was the main star on a new television programme created by the controversial Spanish chef, Chicote.
The new programme, called Auténticos (the authentic), sees Chicote help people with disabilities to fulfil their dreams. Alejandro Giménez from La Axarquia enjoyed the attention as he took on the leading role of the night.
Viewers were also surprised to see the sentimental side of the usually heated Chicote, who stars in the Spanish adaptation of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.  
Alejandro has always dreamed of becoming a renown cook. The 23-year-old never let his disability hold him back and even moved to Jerez de la Frontera to train as a cook. He made the move on his own, determined to learn from the best at a haute cuisine school.
In the programme, Chicote decided to surprise Alejandro by taking home to Torre del Mar, where he was reunited with his family and girlfriend Cristina. While back in his hometown, Alejandro confessed that his dream was to work with the famous chef from Malaga, Dani García.
After receiving a pastry master class in Barcelona, Alejandro was able to cook for Dani Garcia. Impressed by the young chef, García made Alejandro’s dreams come true and rewarded him with a full scholarship to receive training in Dani’s Atelier.