Is it the end for Spain’s iconic chiringuitos along the coast of Spain?

Chiringuitos for many years have been a favourite for both locals and tourists along the coasts of Spain although that could possibly be coming to an end.

In recent times the iconic beach side restaurants have become involved with turf wars between gangs and often been targets for arson attacks as gangs battle out on the Costa del Sol.

Many recent fires have broken out and the town halls have had enough of the wars going on it appears as they threaten tourism trade.

Rumours at present are rife along the coast of the Costa del Sol that the regional Autonimo owned buildings time is up and the heads at the town halls plan to bulldoze the lot of them in an answer to stop the gangland activities and wars of recent times.

We spoke to many bar owners who have all heard the same, with some claiming people with inside knowledge from the town hall have said it themselves during recent inspections.

Andrew Bradshaw owner of Brads bar in Torreblanca told the Euro Weekly News ” Yes I’ve heard it and it was from someone  when they were out inspecting terraces the other day, I asked about the empty bar in front of us as there has been a lot of talk about it being bulldozed as it apparently has no planning permission or not the correct planning permission but he replied that all chiringuitos are being viewed to be flattened due to recent arson attacks and other suspected ones, the latest being in Torremolinos, all bar owners are talking about it”

Gary Adamson in Fuengirola who owns Bars Abroad said ” Yes I’ve heard this, it’s also from very good sources, not just gossip, many have heard this, I’m being contacted daily by bar owners asking if it is true, I can only tell them what I have been told and that we have to wait for any official announcement really”

“Town halls and the government don’t mess about and yes I’ve heard it too” said Mark Sutherland of the popular Luana bar in Los Boliches, who further went onto say ” It wouldn’t surprise me, Marbella region has seen a few incidents and it seems to be spreading along the coast, the government won’t tolerate the risk of endangering tourism”

Chiringuitos are all owned by the regional Autonimo regions essentially and leased out normally through generations of Spanish families, drastic changes have been ordered before. A few years ago as an example they were all made of wood and ordered to be knocked down and rebuilt with brick.

The word is certainly out there amongst hundreds of bar owners at present but no official evidence has yet to be provided and we shall investigate further and update as matters progress if they do.