Early morning walkers in Fuengirola Spain suffer a near death experience as boy racer loses control on roundabout

A boy racer in his mothers car charging the streets in Fuengirola Spain this morning have suffered a near death experience as the young lad lost control on a roundabout acting the goat, span across the road wiping out two lamp posts and narrowly missing several early morning walkers by inches.

The incident happened at 7.30 AM at the roundabout opposite a primary school on the road leading out to Benalmadena from Fuengirola, thank fully being a Saturday children were not about.

Although early morning walkers had to scramble and run for safety as the car flew across the road after losing control.

Derek Payne was one of those and he told the Euro Weekly News what took place.

” A youth who could not have been 18 was racing up and down the road, I first saw him as I was walking my dog down to Fuengirola from Torreblanca, he was travelling at speed which had to be 60/70 mph going from the top roundabout and back down to the roundabout, going up and down, up and down, entering the roundabouts at high speed and literally back end sliding the car around the roundabout”

” I waved at him to take notice, but he was going so fast I doubt he even seen me” said Derek.

” As I walked further down nearing the bottom round about, he kept sliding around the roundabout instead of exiting and then suddenly span out careering across towards the pavement”

” A group of walkers were walking right by then and dived out the way as the car went through two sign posts before ending up on the corner of the sea front entrance by the Calypso bar”

” How he never hit anyone I will never know, although one walker fell badly diving out the way”

Shirley Young was one of those ramblers and told the EWN ” What an idiot! we walk every Saturday morning as a group and how we are still alive is incredible I thought the flying car was going to hit us, it missed us all by inches at the most, it could have been far worse”

Mike Bradberry who lives in the apartment block opposite the scene said ” I was awoken by a loud bang, I dived to the terrace to see what was going on, the car by that time and come to a halt and I could see a woman on the pavement, I feared the worst, called the Police and ran down to help, thankfully the woman had only fallen over avoiding the car. Police were quickly on the scene and they were pulling the driver out the car, they handcuffed him and put him in the back off the Police van”

“This road is getting bad for boy racer types especially at night as I often hear them through my bedroom window late at night – something needs to be done about it, with sleeping policeman put in the road – someones going to get killed!”

At the time of press, the car has been removed, the driver taken away by the Police as the remains and debris remain in the road.

It was a very lucky escape this morning for local residents.

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