Blue Monday – Things can only get better


Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex still dominate the front pages of the newspapers here.

The story graced with a new word “Megxit” , the Watergate scandal of near 50 years ago is at long last fading.

No more ‘gates, though lots of ‘zits will be tagged on to the story of the day in future. Amazing to watch what seems to be all round misunderstandings being played out in public.

Even with good will on all sides and there evidently is good will, affection and love, still this family crisis does not look like it will end well.

Just when we thought the matter had been put to bed another flare appears and we are off again with interminable analysis contributed by one commentator after another.

Another story that has been knocked off the front pages by Megxit is the Brexit process. Though by the end of the month PM Boris Johnson has reportedly ruled that the word Brexit is not to used in future. Suggestions for a replacement? Please do advise!

Meanwhile a row has broken out concerning the ‘Bongs’ of the Big Ben bell in the Elizabeth Tower of the Palace of Westminster.

On the 31 January Leaver’s are holding a rally in Parliament Square over looked by the Tower to celebrate and argue that it is essential that the Bell bongs out the new era.

Whether or not the bongs will play out at 11 PM on the 31 of January as the UK moves from Member of the EU to transitioning member of the EU though not transitioning in;  rather the UK is exiting the EU.

For my money; and an appeal to raise £500,000 is under way to pay for the bongs on the 31 January 2020, the actual departure date is the 31 December 2020 when the Transition period ends.

The renovations of the Elizabeth Tower will have been completed by then [fingers crossed] so the bongs will sound for the New Year and new era anyway.

The story with regard to the renovation here is that the costs associated with the renovation have multiplied in the usual fashion and will no doubt grow yet further. Renovations that were expected to cost £30 millions are now reported to be approaching £100 million, this does not bode well for the expected renovations of the rest of the Palace of Westminster.

Not unlike the High Speed Two railway line HS2 whose costs continue to spiral upwards. Promised at a cost of under £50 billion now the heading towards double that already stratospheric sum of money.

Controversy continue to build and countries which already have fast reliable high speed railways may look on smugly though perhaps memory of their own cost overruns have now faded somewhat.

All of the above tend to add some currency to the tag added to this day , Monday the 20th January as “Blue Monday”. Why Blue? Today is apparently the most depressing or depressed day of the year. Jolly good, things can only get better.

Nick Horne, London, England

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Nick Horne