Several members of the criminal 'United Tribuns Nomads' gang arrested in Spain's Mallorca

Stefan Milojevic was arrested by the National Police for his alleged criminal activities. Credit: B. Ramon.

THE National Police have arrested several members of a violent criminal gang who were dedicated to trafficking drugs across the country.
A total of 16 people from the ‘United Tribuns Nomads’ group were arrested in various regions in Spain, with 6 members detained in Mallorca, including the alleged leader Stefan Milojevic.
The gang had initially chosen the island to be their criminal base but expanded to Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Girona, Tarragona, Valencia and Tenerife, where it is reported that they had international connections with notorious criminals spanning the globe.
According to investigators, the criminal group grew to considerable size since their establishment in 2018 where they controlled the drug chain thanks to their connections with nightclubs, escort clubs and brothels in Mallorca. Some of their members even worked in the security teams, making it possible for the gang to hide their illegal activity.
The gang went unnoticed by appearing to be part of a legitimate association, but through intelligence the police soon became aware that they were seeking to fill a gap left by the disbanded Hells Angels.
Those arrested were presented to the judge at the Via Alemania Court in Palma on January 18, faced with a 1,000-page dossier from the police. Responding only to questions from their defence lawyers, four members including Milojevic were ordered to be held in custody. The others were charged and released due to having less involvement in the group and their low risk of fleeing the island.

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