Spain’s Traffic Cops Nail Con Man Car Jacker Who Claimed To Take Luxury Cars For A Test Drive Before Blasting Them Down To Spain

Spanish police have caught up with and arrested a car jacker who had the front of walking in to car showrooms taking them for a so called test drive but he finally was rumbled after he lost control and smashed into a Spanish police car.

The crash and arrest took happened when Spanish cops identified the man driving an  Aston Martin and attempted to arrest him, which saw a police car chase take place.

The suspect, of Belgo-Spanish nationality, was identified by police following a previous offence in August of last year, when car jacked a  high powered Mercedes Benz AMG from a showroom in Amsterdam claiming he was taking it for a test drive before blasting away all the way to the Spanish city of Pontevedra.

The man told staff at the dealership that he was interested in buying the car but that he first wanted to road test it, staff agreed and he floored it away.

Once he got to Spain, the 34-year-old man changed the number plates replacing them with the same registration as his next door neighbour.

Spanish traffic cops nabbed him during a routine traffic check and the man was charged with theft and fraud but released after he obtained bail.

Now he’s been caught again , he will appear in court today and will be facing new charges of theft and fraud as well as being placed on trial for harassing police and endangering road users due to reckless driving.

Additionally, the con man come thief is  also wanted in Pontevedra for dining at luxury restaurants and hotels not settling the bill and “doing a runner.”


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