Fuengirola Resident In Spain Flees For His Life In Las Vegas Mall Shooting

Andy Waddle from Fuengirola Spain called the Euro Weekly News to tell how he survived a shoot out last night In Las Vegas Nevada last night.

Andy who is a regular at Fuengirola’s Salon Variety Theatre, loves shows and has gone with his wife Nicole to the show and gambling capital of the world for a holiday.

Andy revealed that he was shopping at the time with Nicole at the Fashion Show Mall, like many a husband whilst his wife shopped, he waited outside the main entrance of the Guess store.

Youths armed with guns from rival gangs from downtown Vegas squared up to each other before gunshots ringed out in the mall. 

Three victims were shot as gun shots rang through the air with spaying bullets flying through the popular shopping mall which was packed at the time.

Andy described the scene, he said ” I was stood outside the Guess store, holding bags of new clothes minding my own own business when someone shouted ” get down get down” then gun fire went off rapidly – I heard at least 8 shots go off as people ran screaming, I saw a lad take what looked like a bullet to the shoulder region go down quickly to the floor”

” My wife was in the store and I was petrified she would come back out walking into the scene – I was ducking down as told by mall security officers, but a bullet whizzed into the shop frame next door so I dived into the store to take cover with several others, as I did a mother and baby were struggling with a push chair to take cover, I grabbed the push chair and the mothers hand and we cowered below a shop counter”

” Security staff in the store were shouting telling us to get down on the floor and I didn’t have a clue where my wife was, it was so frightening” continued Andy.

” Cops were quickly on the scene and they seemed to restore the situation but it took in reality 20 minutes although it felt like a life time”

” Eventually they shouted it was all clear and we could get up off the floor, it was then I saw Nicole coming down from the first floor and the relief set in”

According to Andy when he got back to his hotel room at the MGM Grand and switched the TV on a spokesman for the Las Vegas police department  revealed officers found three victims who had suffered ‘apparent gunshot injuries’, while he added they didn’t appear to be life-threatening.

Andy finished with ” My pals in the Dophin bar in Fuengirola told me it was safe here, it’s our first and last time that’s for sure, I’ll be sticking to Spain after this”

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