Teacher Tagged ‘Maths Whisperer’ as Entire Class Gets A* Grades

A teacher in Cardiff has been labelled ‘The Maths Whisperer’ after his entire class of thirty pupils achieved A* Grades (GCSE), six months early. 

Francis Elive, 55, is a maths teacher at Fitzalan High School in Cardiff. His pupils have praised him for helping them achieve their dream grades. The pupils were allowed to sit their exams sixth months early to ensure they met their goals. It’s safe to say they have. 

Teachers across the nation will undoubtedly be envious of this spectacular feat set by Mr Elive, most likely hoping for some insight concerning his success. Unfortunately for them, the 55-year-old  has said,

“There’s no secret method. All my pupils have worked very hard and I’m really proud of them.”

Mr Elive has been praised for the level of passion he shows for his subject, at the 1,400 pupil school. Assistant Headteacher, Jo Kemp, says the Year 11 class all opened their results together.

She said: “We did a countdown so they all opened their results at the same time. There was a gasp as they saw their results and then all realised they had the same.”

The class have been taught by Mr Elive since they arrived at the school in Year 7. Ms Kemp said: “He’s passionate about his subject and he is quite a reserved man but he was just on pins like an expectant dad – how you would want a teacher of your children to be feeling.

“We call him The Maths Whisperer, he instils the belief that they have practised the hardest maths that they have to ever to face so why be scared of an exam?

“It’s the belief that they absolutely can do it, and the children think it’s magic. There’s no secret method. All my pupils have worked very hard and I’m really proud of them.”

The Fitzalan Maths department said: “We couldn’t be prouder of this class and Mr Elive. They’ve demonstrated that preparation, hard work and dedication pay off.

“Francis is a legend of a teacher. This is a great achievement for our local school. This is an indicator of the direction we are heading. Onwards and upwards.”

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