Dangerous High Winds Smashing Spain’s Costa del Sol With Strict Warning Issued With Two People Already Hospitalised

Seriously dangerous high winds are smashing through Spain’s Costa del Sol at present with two people already in hospital with head wounds after being struck be flying debris.

One man who has just been taken to Marbella hospital as he was struck in the head by a small plastic flying wheelie bin, whilst the other was struck on the fore head walking to work by a flying roof tile. He’s currently in an ambulance on the way to Malaga hospital.

According to local weather forecaster David Pinkitt wind speeds will continue to rise throughout the day making perilous conditions as debris flies through the air.

Weather spotters also claim this morning to see mini tornados forming out at sea and with the current direction of wind possible to come inland.

Local police on the Costa del Sol are warning all residents to stay in doors if possible, motorists are advised to watch out for debris on the roads and to reduce speed.

Heavy rain is also forecast today that will sweep with the high winds making conditions even more dangerous.

We have a live reporter out on the streets of Spain’s Fuengirola who is reporting” The wind has picked up and continues to pick up with debris flying around, I’ve just seen advertising hoardings fly into the road on the sea front, thankfully no traffic was coming down at the time, police are now clearing the road, it’s very dangerous out here right now and it’s expected to get worse, heavy cloud also is coming inbound and the mountain skies are black and looking nasty”