Watch: Horrifying undercover footage exposes extreme animal cruelty in Spanish Slaughterhouse

Punched, given electric shocks for ‘fun’… and left to bleed to death while still conscious: Secret footage reveals what goes on inside ‘humane, organic slaughterhouse’ in Madrid, Spain.

The Euroweekly editor received this email today from a non-profit company based in Spain who look after the welfare of animals through-out Spain. They  want people to know what happens to these poor animals that are killed in-humanely to satisfy our demand for meat. Read the original letter below…

For the first time in Spain, an undercover investigator worked for several days in a slaughterhouse during 2019, bringing to light the extreme suffering of some of the cows killed in that place.

Although it is not a usual practice in slaughterhouses, some of them do use electrical stimulation in order to improve the quality of the meat. To do so electric signals are carried through electrode clamps placed in the nostrils of the animal already dead. It causes the muscles to contract, and when the muscle enters rigour Mortis it prevents excessive contraction of muscle fibres. As a consequence, it makes the meat tender, which is one of the organoleptic qualities along with the colour, smell and taste.

Nevertheless, the images taken by a worker at a slaughterhouse in Collado Villalba in 2019, show a cow being electrocuted while it is still conscious by placing electrode clamps in each of the nostrils. 

According to animal welfare regulation, “electrical stimulation shall only be performed when the animal is considered to be unconscious”. The slaughterhouse of Collado Villalba is associated with the certification “Indicación Geográfica Protegida Carne de la Sierra de Guadarrama” which guarantees the control and correctness of the slaughterhouses’ procedures “by checking that the stun, sacrifice, bleeding and act of killing the animal is going to be done in accordance with the current legislation regulations.”

Once again Equalia demonstrates the urgent need for implementing CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses, as a strict and necessary measure to secure that they respect and act according to the letter of law and animals’ welfare regulations.

The video shows animals not being previously stunned, thus bleeding, suffering and dying while still conscious. 

It has been the second investigation that NGO uncovers in the Community of Madrid within just four months. Following the presentation of images coming from Villarejo de Salvanés slaughterhouse in September 2019 where unmarked lambs entered into filthy, full of fleas corrals without no hygiene control and workers who were drastically beating and hitting the animals.

That is the reason why Equalia is calling the new Government of Pedro Sanchez for taking an action and creating a law that makes CCTV cameras installation compulsory in all slaughterhouses in Spain. 

Moreover, we have submitted a law proposal to all of the parliamentary groups of Assembly of Madrid, urging the Ministry of Health to initiate the necessary procedures towards the preparation of the relevant regulations for the compulsory installation of CCTV cameras in 11 Madrid slaughterhouses. We are advocating for it not only to ensure the protection of animals rights and the regulations of food safety but also to control the functioning of the official veterinary services.

The initiative, with significant support from the public, has already been registered as a non-legislative proposal format in four autonomous communities: Castilla y León, La Rioja, Navarra and Valencia Community.

Below are the pictures and a you tube video taken at the Slaughter House, please follow the warnings before viewing.

Any second now a large steel blade will slice up the “meat”…
Workers standby to make sure everything runs smoothly – so we can have our beef burgers later on…
        The blade rips the carcuses apart

Please be warned that the following video may be extremely upsetting to most people, viewer discretion is advised.

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