Cricket Fan Who Often Spends Lengthy Time In Spain’s Andalucia Is Facing Time Behind Bars For Faking ID To The Lords Members Club

A Judge has decided a mans fake pass to the members club at Lords cricket ground was ” not cricket” and warned the man he could face jail.

James Lattimer, 51, who is often seen watching cricket during the summer in San Pedro Spain with his chums, bought the fake membership card on eBay, and stuck his own photo on it.

When then attending a game at the famous Lords ground in London, he would purchase the cheapest possible ticket for general entrance and then swagger up to the famous members bar and blag his way in with his fake pass.

He got away with it for many months, even boasting how he was a member and calling his chums from the iconic club until he got rumbled and the card was checked against the Lords data base, it’s alleged that Lords received a tip off from another member who hadn’t recognised Latimer.

As the members club has an astonishing 29 year waiting list and a membership of 1000 GBP so a new face is quickly spotted by real members who include many famous faces such as Mick Jagger.

The Judge wasn’t impressed at all with the blagger and told him that his crime warranted a custodial sentence and to prepare for one at sentencing.



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