Fuengirola Man Rushes To Marbella Hospital In Spain Making A Complete Fool Of Himself

Gary Beer has told the Euro Weekly News how today he made a complete plonker of himself by rushing to hospital after self diagnosing on google.

Gary working at a local call centre was in his office and noticed this morning his leg was turning deep blue, he panicked and went to google for the symptoms.

As he became a google doctor he came across the symptoms and diagnosed himself with  potentially dangerous deep vein thrombosis, he panicked and jumped in his car and headed off down the A7 to Marbella hospital.

Gary told us how he charged into A&E asking to be seen straight away, thinking he was in serious trouble.

Doctors rushed him through to a cubicle and asked him to remove his jeans and inspected his leg whilst Gary lived with the worst thoughts going through his mind.

Doctors found nothing wrong with his leg but burst out laughing when they told their patient it was actually the nurse who had discovered his issue whilst placing his trousers safely in storage during inspection.

Gary explained “I bought new jeans at the Miramar on Saturday, today was the first time I’ve worn them and the nurse pointed out it was the blue dye that had engrossed my leg, she gave me a prescription note in jest which read ” Always wash jeans before use” – they were falling about laughing at me”

” I felt such a bleeding Wally I was petrified but I’m never going to live this down, I’m taking the rest of the day off as all the office know and I will look a complete idiot”

Fellow Co worker Richard Stent – who actually tipped us off about the ” drama” said  ” Gary was in the office, he went white as a ghost, he dashed off saying he needed to get to the hospital quick, he went so fast we didn’t get to ask what the issue was, I text him to see if he was okay but didn’t get a reply for a while until I got back a text saying what the real issue was- we were rolling around the office, we haven’t seen him since, maybe he’s washing his jeans?” Richard laughed.

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