German Nurse Attempts To Kill 5 Premature Babies By Injecting Morphine

A nurse in Germany is being investigated of attempted manslaughter of 5 young babies by way of injecting them with morphine.

Morphine and syringes were found in her staff locker where she works in a premature baby ward.

The current police investigators say the female nurse was on nursing duties at the Ulm University Medical Center when, in the twilight hours of December 20, five newborn premature babies all started quickly to have breathing difficulties that were deemed life threatening.

Thankfully doctors were alerted quickly and rushed to the unit and  the 5 babies received rapid medical attention saving their lives and are not expected to suffer any further health issues despite receiving life saving treatment at such a young age.

Police were called to the scene promptly after urine tests were administered quickly by the doctors and high traces of morphine were discovered mixed with milk.

Hospital admin staff ordered a thorough search including staff lockers where they found the deadly syringe laced with morphine.

The nurse is expected to be charged shortly with 5 counts of manslaughter as well as GBH.



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