Marbella Bus Crash Victim Hits Out At Spanish Bus Company After Suffering Injuries Leaving Her In Pain

Last week we reported on how two buses crashed into each other in the Marbella region on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The incident took place after a public bus coming into to a bus stop to drop off passengers failed to stop and smashed into a parked bus in front, hurtling passengers through the air and down the bus aisles and into seats.

Victim Denise from Estepona exclusivily reveals what took place on the day and how her injuries are causing deep stress and pain and now fears of using public transport.

Denise told us: “I was on the 79 bus and was stood up ready to disembark as we were pulling into the bus stop as normal, it felt strange though on this occasion and I could see that there was no way the driver was paying any attention by the speed he entered the stop and took no notice of the bus in front, he just kept going without breaking at all, we smashed into the back of the parked bus and bodies were sent hurtling through the air, I  went flying down the aisle and smashing into the back of a seat whilst others then landed on top of me”.

“It was horrendous, some other passengers were flown over the top of seats, some others also thrown down the aisle, I don’t know if at present if I could trust public transport again, I’ve got two black eyes, my leg has cuts and heavy bruises and it’s very difficult to walk at present, I’m having to wear sunglasses every where because I look such a mess, a lot of the swelling still hasn’t gone down”. Denise continued.

“Do you know what? although the bus company have my details – I haven’t heard a peep from them not even an apology and it’s been over a week now!” she said.

Denise looked a sight for sore eyes when we studied all her bruising which looked very painful indeed but she told us how the shock and fear that has crept in feels even worse.

Although she did have time for a smile and a joke as she quipped “I’m looking for a boyfriend, I’m hardly going to get one looking like this”.


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