‘Teacher hurt son’ in Jalon, Costa Blanca mother claims

JALON: Usually uneventful Vall de Pop town. Photo credit: Jalon town hall

A JALON mother lodged a formal complaint with the Guardia Civil after a teacher allegedly hurt her son. She maintained that the 11-year-old was injured by hitting a chair and desk when a teacher at the Verge Pobra school took him by the arm and dragged him from the classroom. The woman explained to the local Spanish media that when she went to pick her children up from school that day, the boy ran into her arms, crying. She asked him what was wrong, and the sobbing child told her that his teacher had grabbed hold of him after he started singing in the middle of an English lesson. The other children saw him dragged from the classroom, he insisted.
“He was complaining about a pain in his ribs and said his head hurt where he hit against a chair,” the woman said. She took him to the health centre and from there went to the Guardia Civil with the doctor’s report. The mother also went to the school to ask the teacher for an explanation, she told the Spanish media.
“He said to me, ‘If you want, I’ll apologise’ but that was all,” she lamented.
“The school didn’t even ask me what had happened.”
Asked to comment, school sources explained that they were following usual procedures in cases like these and were investigating the alleged aggression.

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