How motivated are you?

BE MOTIVATED: Try to focus on the desired outcome.

BE MOTIVATED: Try to focus on the desired outcome.

WITH the new decade now well under way, many of us have set out to make a new start in life whatever that may be and with every intention in doing so.

So, why is it that we seem to come out of the traps full of enthusiasm and excitement in what we’d like to achieve only to find ourselves back to where we were before? First and foremost, we need motivation. What does that really mean?

Motivation, is a desire to achieve something you ‘believe’ to be worthwhile. This is a key point, as many of us feel we have made the right choice but don’t necessarily believe in it enough to see it through.

We reach a point where we hit that invisible glass ceiling and step straight back into our comfort zone. The problem that many of us face is that changing our behaviour, routine or habit can feel far more challenging than remaining as we are, therefore, the payoff is too great and we regress.

To help increase motivation you first need to find a motive that you sufficiently believe in.

If the motive doesn’t feel as strong as you’d like, focus more on the desired outcome rather than the possible discomfort in reaching it along the way. Another way to strengthen your motivation is to understand how you can create the ‘ripple effect.’ For example, if your wish is to lose weight, rather than focusing solely on the desired goal – which I must stress is an important first step, focus on how it could positively affect others around you. How much more could you do physically with friends and family? Therefore, impacting their lives too.

Equally, if your desire is to get that promotion at work and in turn earn more money – of course the motivation is more money, but the focus could be on how it affects your family by relieving financial pressures and creating a happier home life.

So, focus on the outcome. Strengthen your motivation by focusing on the ripple effect. Remind yourself of this when you find yourself hitting that glass ceiling and wanting to retreat.  Remember, if you continue doing the same thing, you tend to get the same results. Step out of your comfort zone in order to make a change.

If you feel a lack of motivation, which we all do at times, recall some of your past achievements and where you have pushed yourself to reach your goal. We have all done something that we are proud of at some point in our lives. Hold on to that positive moment, however small it may be, rather than holding on to past failings.

Things will only change in your life when you make the decision to change them by taking inspired action. Be patient, NEVER stop believing that things will work out, however unreachable it may seem.

Make a little progress each day and remind yourself that the journey will be worth it. Challenges are not designed to defeat us; they’re designed to help us grow, any effort to face a challenge is never wasted.

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