Miracle in Spain’s Andalucia as baby on the brink of death is saved by quick thinking police officer

A QUICK thinking police officer has been hailed as a hero after he brought a child back to life in Spain’s Andalucia.

A National Police patrol had been diverted on Sunday afternoon to an address in Ruzafa in Valencia. A mother had made a desperate call to the emergency services to report that her baby less than two-months-old was not breathing.

The officers promptly arrived at the scene where in the portal the mother was waiting with her child in her arms who was completely motionless.

One of the officers took the baby in his arms and began to perform a cardiac massage. The baby reacted and began to breathe before crying.

Several residents had appeared at the scene who praised the miracle seen before their eyes. However, the joy didn’t last long as the baby stopped breathing once again.

The officer then repeated the same actions before performing CPR om the child for 20 minutes. In a joyous scene, the baby then began to breathe again with an ambulance arriving moments later.

As Euro Weekly News understands, the child is currently being kept in hospital but is doing well.

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Isha Sesay