Mum hospitalised after landlord refused to repair boiler forcing her to wash in bucket

A woman in Birmingham, England has fallen ill after her landlord refused to fix her boiler, leaving her to wash in a bucket of cold water.

A woman has been hospitalised after she was forced to wash in a bucket for six months.

The mum, from Birmingham, England, who asked to remain anonymous, had to seek medical help after she became ill washing in the freezing cold water.

Her landlord had refused to fix her boiler, she claims, with the faulty machine causing her ceiling to collapse.

A piece of it missed her children by inches when it fell.

Her landlord took her deposit and refused to give it back, leaving her homeless and with nowhere to go, homeless charity shelter said.

The woman’s story was told by the charity as it launches its “Homes Truths” campaign.

It is asking to share their stories of housing issues, from landlords to homelessness.

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