Graffiti Tribute to Caroline Flack Appears in Wales

The town of Llanelli, in Wales, has seen a graffiti tribute to Caroline Flack appear. 

A graffiti tribute to Caroline Flack shows a silhouette of a young girl letting go of a butterfly, and is accompanied by the phrase ‘be kind’ – a message that has been heavily used since the passing of the TV presenter.

The Love Island host had posted on her Instagram: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

The tribute was made by a Banksy-inspired street artist, who has had his work appearing throughout Swansea Bay. His other work includes Theresa May’s face etched onto a monkey’s body, a hanging man captioned ‘9-5’ and a Catholic priest in drag.

His Caroline Flack tribute has been erected in the town centre of Llanelli, in Mincing Lane.

“I have been doing pieces like this for some time now and I usually place things in certain areas either for people to interact with, such as wings or a Spider-Man for the kids,” the anonymous artist said.

“Anything that I know will bring a smile to people’s faces and get my work seen through other people’s social media.

“This piece though hits a little closer to home as I have struggled with my own mental health and continue to do so.

“Art for me is a release, it focuses my mind and controls my anxieties.

“You see too often people harming themselves or even going as far as taking their own life because of senseless unwanted comments but these days it is inescapable due to everyone being on social media.

“If I can change one person’s perspective on this just by leaving a mind influencing piece of art then we are moving in the right direction.”

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George Day