Terra Natura Benidorm takes in a couple of Japanese cranes to preserve the species in the Costa Blanca

A pair of Japanese cranes from the ornithological park of Lourosa (Portugal) has arrived at the Terra Natura Benidorm Zoo (Alicante, Costa Blanca) with the aim of creating a reproductive nucleus and preserving this species, since it is in danger of extinction.
The couple is formed by a male and a female born in 2018 and the park’s carers are confident that they will reproduce themselves. The adaptation of the birds has been good, so the carers have introduced them in their new area, where they will share space with other birds, such as pelicans, swans and ducks.
There is a popular belief that cranes mate for life. Japanese cranes (Grus japonensis) are emblematic animals in Japan, and even their flag is inspired by the majestic feathers of these birds.
Terra Natura Benidorm is a nature and animal park dedicated to the care of animal species and has more than 1,500 animals of 200 different species (98 of them protected or in danger of extinction), 30 conservation projects and 19 breeding programs. Its surface is divided into four areas that represent the continents of America, Asia and Europe, and there is also the Pangea area, inspired by the origin of the Earth.